Wheels locks & replacement nuts/bolts for OE Alloy Wheels

Auto Inparts has the UK's largest range of wheel locks and replacement wheel fixings. The vast majority of these are manufactured to internationally recognised quality and environmental standards and well known brands like Evo Mk5 and Trilock.

The following wheel lock and replacement wheel fixings are for O.E (original Equipment) alloy wheels. These are the wheels that are fitted by the vehicle manufacturer as a standard item or optional extra at the time of production. 

If your vehicle is NOT fitted with O.E Alloy wWheels but fitted with aftermarket alloy wheels (alloys wheels not supplied as original fit by the vehicle manufacturer), then you will need to obtain the correct wheel fixing specification (thread size, length, seat, hex) for your particular wheel and vehicle. For aftermarket wheel locks click here and for after market non locking nuts/bolts click here

AIP Wheel locks and fixings